WhatsApp Bot

Welcome to the next era of customer notification, a channel which millions rely on to keep them connected to the rest of the world.


Our WhatsApp bot now gives you the freedom to design the full conversation hooked to your backend. So, you focus more on the logic of your business rather than the ancillary stuff of extra integrations.


Benefits of WhatsApp Bot:

  • It allows business to function 24/7 with the help of automation.
  • Great platform for small, medium and large business.
  • your app will send a call verification request to your server
  • The message can be customised region-wise, category-wise, etc. Can use different templates, once approved.
  • Can answer questions, provide suggestions using WhatsApp Bot.

WhatsApp Bot provides a more engaging customer experience and results have shown a higher conversation rate, when approached through WA.
Following are a few scenarios where WhatsApp bot can be helpful:

  • Sending OTP
  • Event Updates
    • Notifying about appointments
    • Payment confirmation
    • Order/Reservation status updates
  • Sharing menu items





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